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Guru chops the Globe board for naming ‘Rooney’

ยูฟ่าเบท pundit Don Goodman has criticized the Birmingham club’s board of directors for deciding to appoint Wayne Rooney at the wrong time at the wrong time and causing him to be fired so quickly. Rooney was removed from his position after accepting Working with the “Globe” team

Gala interested in acquiring ‘Kamada’ from Lao

Calcio Mercato Pizza City media reports that Galatasaray wants the signature of Lazio midfielder Daichi Kamada. Go reinforce the offensive line. “Blue and White Eagles” bring in stars with samurai blood Come join the team for free in the summer. After the contract with Eintracht expired Frankfurt When the contract

Roma confirms separation from ‘Mourinho’

Roma officially announces Jose Mourinho, tactical coach and his coaching staff Leaves the club with immediate effect.last weekend “Rome Wolves” lost to AC Milan 3-1 and fell to 9th place, 5 points from the top four. And that was the last game for “Special One” whose contract is


Oral and dental health           Oral and dental health At each age there will be development. and different changes To maintain the efficiency of chewing food Confidence in living life Pronunciation is clear when communicating. It also prevents tooth decay, broken teeth, and gum disease problems that may

6 ways to take care of your teeth so they last a long time

Many people may have questions about how to care of your teeth cavity for a long time. And there are no complications later. Today we have collected methods for taking care of your beloved teeth for everyone. If you’re ready, invite your little ones to try following along.

10 benefits of mangosteen Queen of Thai fruits

Mangosteen is a popular fruit cultivated in the Malay Peninsula. In Thailand, it is found mostly in the eastern and southern regions. Has been dubbed as “Queen of Thai fruits”. The harvest is around June-August every year. It can be said that it is a seasonal fruit that. Thai