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ESR reveals “Beckham”, the Lion’s favorite football player.

Emil Smith Rowe midfielder Arsenal revealed that David Beckham is an England team he admires most Smith bowls a fantastic job in this season and last is Gareth. Southgate called for the national team Ready to start the field in the match that “roaring lions” defeated

Totti defends “Jorginho”, saying the penalty is not easy to shoot.

Italy legend Francesco Totti has defended Jorginho, who missed three penalties in a row. Seeing that penalty shoot-outs are not an easy task, the 29-year-old is being heavily criticized for missing three penalty shoot-outs for the Azzurri in a row, two-thirds of which were against Switzerland.

Alisson urged the swans to hunt for all champions.

Alisson Becker Liverpool’s goalkeeper craves for victory Tell the Reds Army this year Must not be satisfied with just the Premier League champions. Liverpool after failing last season. This year they are back playing strong again. Performance in the league, even after losing to West Ham in the last

Macka cheers the swans to join the hunt for ‘Haaland’.

Steve McManaman, Liverpool legend Debut to support their old club Moving forward to grab the striker Erling Haaland Borussia Dortmund to join the team.  With the Reds star on the verge of a £ 64million move , Haaland is one of Europe’s most promising young talents.  There are a lot of