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“Rodgers” began to find a house near Man Utd

British reports say Brendan Rodgers has begun the process of finding a home in Cheshire. Amid rumors that he is one of the favorites to take over the Manchester team. United, replacing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remained seated position, said the “Red Devil”, although he had just led

Donnarumma admits that she is secretly sick of having to fight

Gianluigi Donnarumma, the famous goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain. admits that competing for a position with Keylor Navas within the team is a disturbance for him. The 22-year-old recently moved to “PSG” as a free agent in the past summer. After choosing not to renew the contract with

Rangers spread a table to discuss. ‘Bronck Horst’

Giovanni van Bronckhorst Former Holland national team star Prepare to be named to the Rangers. After Steven Gerrard, after the Scottish team. Has begun to open talks with a 46-year-old coach, Steven Gerrard has left Rangers in a good place in departing for Aston Villa. Top of the league, still in Europa

“Pogba” informs the family that he wants to stay in the ghost hole

This work may be wrong from what many people expected. The latest reports indicate that Paul Pogba wants to stay at Manchester football. United next. The France midfielder’s contract with the “Red Devils” is about to expire when the season is over.  The player has been attracted

ESR reveals “Beckham”, the Lion’s favorite football player.

Emil Smith Rowe midfielder Arsenal revealed that David Beckham is an England team he admires most Smith bowls a fantastic job in this season and last is Gareth. Southgate called for the national team Ready to start the field in the match that “roaring lions” defeated

Totti defends “Jorginho”, saying the penalty is not easy to shoot.

Italy legend Francesco Totti has defended Jorginho, who missed three penalties in a row. Seeing that penalty shoot-outs are not an easy task, the 29-year-old is being heavily criticized for missing three penalty shoot-outs for the Azzurri in a row, two-thirds of which were against Switzerland.