chicken rice dishes, one-dish meals

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chicken rice dishes, one-dish meals, easy to taste with tips for marinating tender chicken.

Invites you to come to the kitchen to make a chicken rice menu, a food menu that pleases people. Who like to eat chicken A variety of delicious dishes Including biryani, fried chicken rice, fried chicken rice, and grill, etc. Today, would like to collect various styles of menus, along with tips. How to marinate tender chicken for anyone who doesn’t have ideas to make. Delicious menu. Choose your favorite recipe and try it.

We would like to take everyone to see how to marinate chicken to delicious and soft first at UFABET.

how to marinate chicken

  1. Wash the chicken thoroughly. Set aside to drain.
  2. Marinate the chicken with garlic, pepper, coriander root. Seasoning sauce you like until. it’s cook. If you want the chicken to be delicious and tender, you can add fresh milk.
  3. The marinated chicken meat can use to cook various dishes.

          If anyone wants a soft chicken marinade recipe. Today we have a very simple. But delicious chicken marinade recipe.

Chicken Rice Recipe

1. Chicken Rice

A one-dish meal, soft, juicy, bouncy. Comes with a delicious old-fashioned dipping sauce. It’s delicious to cook. It’s great to make and sell. Add ginger and garlic stir until fragrant. Coat the rice grains thoroughly. Topped with soft chicken served with traditional soybean sauce and hot pickled mustard soup, soothing your throat.

2. Chicken Biryani

Biryani with chicken, one dish menu, beautiful color Indian style spices. The charm of this dish of chicken biryani lies in the golden yellow rice. Smell of spices Served with tender chicken and sweet and sour mint sauce. eat together. It is delicious menu. That should pleasing to people who like to eat food with the smell of fragrant spices.

3. Chicken Rice

Rice with chicken, soft meat, fragrant, delicious, mellow An easy-to-make menu, delicious with tender chicken meat, fragrant garlic, and salty and sweet fried Chinese sausage. You can add straw mushrooms or fresh shiitake mushrooms. Eat with hot steamed rice. Delicious. People of all ages.

4. Chicken Rice with BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce Chicken Juicy tender meat. An easy-to-make chicken menu, marinated in a rich, flavorful BBQ sauce. fry until cook beautiful color. Ready to scoop and pour over hot steamed rice. Just this is delicious.

Oyakodon Delicious chicken dishes that are easy to make with the microwave. Oyakodon or Japanese style bowl With just a few ingredients: Teriyaki Chicken, spring onions, onions and eggs, seasoned to be salty, sweet, mellow and ready to serve.

6. Spicy Chicken Salad

Spicy Chicken Salad with Popular one-dish menus from famous restaurants It’s delicious to cook by yourself. Soft chicken meat, fragrant smell of roasted and chopped coriander. Mixed with spicy seasonings. Eat with freshly cooked jasmine rice, the more delicious it is, don’t tell anyone!