Problem of the smell smoke entering the room into the house

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Solve the problem of the smell smoke entering the room into the house that the villagers secretly burn at night

This article will introduce basic troubleshooting solutions. to alleviate the suffering from the smoke. That people in residential areas like to burn. Especially burning at night May cause a lot of problems. because the smoke enters the room into the house

Provincial people like to use incineration to destroy leaves. Twigs, dry grass because it saves time in disposing of these wastes. Living in other provinces in a place where there is farming and gardening. Because planting has the opportunity to burn each other all the time. The daylight is still tolerable. But many people like to secretly burn at night. sometimes caused by throw away cigarette butts create a lot of problems for nearby residents In this article. We will introduce some basic solutions. That might help make it better Help reduce smoke entering the room into the house, causing problems with the respiratory system.

Different solutions

Solution May help more or less It depends on the severity of the burning. If burned in quite a large area It may be difficult. But if you do not secretly burn much, the smoke may float around and slowly sneak into the house. If found that there is a smoke smell coming in must quickly find a way to expel the smoke by using various types of fans such as

in case of dormitory

The nature of the dormitory may be divided into 2 types. Namely rooms with one side and rooms with 2 sides.
1. Smoke protection. The door must be completely closed. Both the front door and the back of the room After that, use a fan to blow air towards the door or window at the back of the room. In order to cause wind inside the room to push the smoke from outside the room to sneak in In the case of frequent burning Should leave the fan on at all, otherwise waking up in the middle of the night may not be able to sleep because the smell of smoke fills the room.
2. Location of the fan Do not place in front of a door, window or balcony. The fan must be placed in a blind corner. and blow out of that corner to prevent the fan from sucking Air from outside the room comes in This will create air in the room. The smell of smoke will not enter the room much. or may not enter at all
3. In case there is no floor fan turned on the ceiling fan But not suitable for people who live in a dormitory that is a building because the more heat from the cement blowing into the room will make the room even hotter

house house for rent

In the case of staying at home or renting a house, the problem may be solved as follows UFABET:
1. A house with a door window managed to close all the doors and windows
2. only in the bedroom Blow a fan toward a door or window to push the air out. Do not let the smell of smoke escape. Be careful not to install a fan in front of the door or window that will suck in the air from the outside. Otherwise there will be circulation. suck the smoke in
3. As for houses or rented houses that have holes in the roof, close all doors and windows . Then set the fan up, set it to blow towards the ceiling. in order to cause wind to push the smell of smoke from the top

The protection method is similar to that of a dorm room. This will cause wind in the room. to push the smell into the room It will help to some extent. In this case, do not turn on the ceiling fan as it will suck more smoke into the room.