‘Adama’ the dribbling champion! Unbelievable, ‘Messi’ is not in the top 50.

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Wolves winger Adama Traore is Europe’s best dribbling player, followed by AC Milan’s Rafael Leao, Neymar and Kylian Mba. Pae, two PSG superstars, are on the top ten list. But the incredible thing is that Lionel Messi is not even in the top 50

CIES football observatory list. The latest interesting statistics revealed that Traore is the player who dribbles the ball best. Chances of success happen 11.2 times every 100 minutes, beating second-best AC Milan’s Leao at 7.10,

while third place is Allin Saint-Maximin. Newcastle United’s great winger, 7.02 times.

In the top 10, the names of two world-class superstars such as Neymar and Mbappe appeared as well, when the first one was in fifth place, achieved 6.28 times, while the latter was 5.33 times.

Shocking 10th place is Messi, the world number 1, who recently moved from Barcelona to PSG this season, has not even made the top 50 list in the five league rankings. top of europe

It is based on similar stats that FBREF held last season when Messi was still playing for Barcelona. He is still in the top 10 when he completes 4.9 dribbles per 100 minutes, but has now reduced his chances of success to just 2.7.

Messi last year netted 30 goals and provided nine assists for Barca. But this year, he hasn’t scored or assisted in five games in Ligue 1.

The top 10 best dribblers in Europe are as follows (from the big five).

1. Adama Traore (Wolves) completed 11.2 times per 100 minutes (79%)

2. Rafael Leao (AC Milan) completed 7.10 times per 100 minutes (68%)

3. Allin Saint-Maximin (Newcastle) with 7.02 finishes per 100 minutes (61%)

4. Camaldine Suleimana (Rennes) with 6.44 finishes per 100 minutes. (56%)

5. Neymar (PSG) with 6.28 success per 100 minutes (60%)

6. Alphonso Davis (Bayern Munich) with 6.14 success per 100 minutes (66%)

7. Jeremy Boga (Sassuolo) 5.80 completed per 100 minutes (61%)

8. Sofiane Boufal (Anchers) 5.52 completed per 100 minutes ( 54%)

9. Nahitan Nandez (Cagliari) 5.36 completions per 100 minutes (70%)

10 Kylian Mbappe (PSG) 5.33 successes per 100 minutes (56%).