“Carvalho” is happy even if the deal fell at the last minute.

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Fulham manager Marco Silva insists their player Fabio Carvalho is still happy. Even the transfer deal to Liverpool will not be successful before the winter market deadline.

Previously, the “Reds” army tried to sign a contract to grab a 19-year-old midfielder from the “little tycoon” to join the team during the last day of the transfer market. However, the deal could not be completed in time due to paperwork issues.

While many believe talks are ongoing and they will try to close a deal for a player in the summer, the “little tycoon” Silva continues to insist the players are happy with the squad. good

“The last day of the market when Carvalho it comes to timing and important details, it’s always going to be tough for everyone. And that’s what happened,” Silva said to ufabet

“Fabio is still very happy, after the market closed I still see him smiling as always. He enjoyed training and working hard as usual. That’s important for me.”

“Fabio is really happy. The day after that situation I saw him with the same smile on his face like always, and he enjoyed the training session, worked hard and that is the main thing for me.

“15 days ago I said Fabio will stay with us until the end of the season. And I’m sure it will happen because it’s our decision. It’s something we can control