De Bruyne is open to the idea of ​​hosting the World Cup every 2 years.

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Manchester City‘s Kevin De Bruyne has become one of the first players to support the World Cup every two years.

Man City star Kevin De Bruyne speaks in favour of Arsene Wenger’s World Cup proposal. Kevin De Bruyne has become one of the first leading footballers to speak somewhat in favour of the idea to potentially hold the World Cup every two years.

And the legendary coach Arsene Wenger has begun to propose to change the format of the new football competition from 4 years to 2 years until bringing a variety of trends within the football industry that are both opposing and supporting.

Although previously both players and managers, most of the time they disagreed. But the latest is a famous football player like De Bruyne who came out to support the idea.

“Early season I went to a meeting with FIFA and Arsene Wender to have him explain to us what they want to do,” He said

. Both football associations in each country, including UEFA and FIFA, must work together. Everyone has to work together.”

“I reiterated the second point. I told them that they need treatment for a really relaxing time with us during the season “

” a really bad idea, it was not anything. as long as all parties work together.”