ESR reveals “Beckham”, the Lion’s favorite football player.

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Emil Smith Rowe midfielder Arsenal revealed that David Beckham is an England team he admires most Smith bowls a fantastic job in this season and last is Gareth.

Southgate called for the national team Ready to start the field in the match that “roaring lions” defeated Albania 5-0 on Friday night ago.

In an interview with YouTube channel Three Lions , Smith Rowe opened up about his childhood national team hero.

“My England hero?

‘l’m going to choose Becks . “It’s a choice. I have to pick Beckham first.

” Set pieces, free kicks and all that stuff. Everything about him is truly wonderful.

“I have to choose him.”

Emile Smith Rowe has revealed that his hero in the England shirt is David Beckham.

The midfielder had been invited to the England national team and came on as a substitute last night and has now began his journey as a Three Lions player.

Some established names pulled out of the recent international matches before he got a call from Gareth Southgate.

Rowe will be keen to take his chances and remain with the senior team in the same way as Bukayo Saka has done.

Before now, he has been watching the Three Lions as a spectator. Does he have a favourite player?

Smith Rowe answers in the affirmative in a recent interview.