Guru chops the Globe board for naming ‘Rooney’

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ยูฟ่าเบท pundit Don Goodman has criticized the Birmingham club’s board of directors for deciding to appoint Wayne Rooney at the wrong time at the wrong time and causing him to be fired so quickly.

Rooney was removed from his position after accepting Working with the “Globe” team for only 87 days, he led the team to only 10 points from 15 appearances in the Championship.

At this time, Birmingham has decided to appoint a highly experienced manager. Tony Mowbray has been brought in to help the team avoid relegation for the remainder of the season, while Sky Sports

pundit Goodman expressed his sympathy for the former England international and slammed the club’s decision. “ The timing at Birmingham was completely wrong,” Goodman said, pointing to Rooney’s first five matches in charge. “Middlesbrough, Hull, Southampton, Ipswich, and Sunderland. Even when Jon Eustace was in charge, he should have done better in the early games. But I’m not sure he can beat these teams. I think the timing was all wrong and it made Rooney desperate.

“ Because he’s Wayne Rooney, he’s always in the spotlight with everyone watching him and wanting him. He failed. “The team’s priorities should be questioned, but Rooney is right. No one can make things happen in 87 days. The things I’m saying are… I mean getting a team that plays the way it’s supposed to, getting rid of the old stuff and starting over. “ Not many people can do that. Let him go, he is still in the early stages of his coaching career.”