Keown scolded “Fan Sing” ashamed of singing “Abramovich”

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Martin Keown, Arsenal legend Out to blame some Chelsea fans cheering for the name of the Russian club owner Roman Abramovich.

Due to his ties with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Including Chelsea Football Club It has become a major issue in football over the past week.

Abramovich’s UK assets were frozen on Thursday. As a result of his alleged links with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Who declared war on Ukraine at the end of last month.

Some Chelsea fans and pundits have condemned Abramovich following the announcement. The 3-1 win at Norwich City on Thursday night.

Chelsea fans also chanted Abramovich’s name during a minute’s applause for Ukraine during last weekend’s 4-0 win at Burnley, with manager Thomas Tuchel later criticising the supporters.

However, in the last game of the Blues’ 3-1 win over Norwich City, there were still a number of supporters still singing in support of Abramovich. Although it is something that many parties do not agree with

, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel himself.

Speaking about it, Keown said to ufabet “I think it’s a shame . It’s a shame when you see what’s happening all over the world.”

“The atrocity, the attempted maternity. And child shed (in Ukraine) was bombed. What we saw was shocking.