Premier League green light to postpone the game ‘Burnley-Fox’ this week

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The Premier League has confirmed Burnley’s clash with Leicester City tomorrow (Saturday) has to be postponed, with

Burnley having not enough players available for the big game. Say Due to the outbreak of COVID, including severe injuries

This is the 19th Premier League game. Of the season to be postponed. With the previous 18 having been postponed. Due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And he has once again called on the Premier League to handle the situation, in the wake of another game being postponed this weekend.

“I think they have opened the door now and you cant be surprised. If people are walking through. ” he said, speaking in his pre-match press conference.

A statement from the Premier League said: “The Premier League’s board accepted a request from Burnley because they were unable to complete the required number of players. (13 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper) due to the coronavirus outbreak and injury. To enlighten the clubs involved and the supporters.”

This also resulted in Leicester’s third. Successive Premier League game being postponed.

They were scheduled to host Norwich City. On New Year’s Day but had to postpone the game. Because of the problem of coronavirus and Norwich’s injured players,

the game that had to visit Everton on Tuesday was postponed because the Foxes didn’t have enough players to be sent onto the field. According to a report from ufabet.