Spurs close to canceling contract “Ndombele”

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Spurs close to canceling contract Ndombele

  • Ndombele is the most expensive player in Spurs’ history at €62 million.
  • The player played only 91 games in his five years with the club.

Tanguy Ndombele, Spurs French midfielder , ready to part ways with Spurs “Golden Spurs” have ended their 5 years with the team by canceling their contract with one more season remaining with the team.

The 27-year-old joined Spurs with high expectations as the club’s highest-priced signing for €62m,

however, he has not been outstanding in form. Play with the team for only the first two years, After which he was released on loan to https://ufabet999.app both Olympique Lyonnais, Napoli and, most recently, Galatasaray, where he was involved in winning “Double champion” of the team from Turkey.

The player has only one year left on his contract with the team. And of course, he receives a rather high salary with the club. In the end, Spurs prepared to cancel the remaining contract to reduce costs. Meanwhile, the players are clearly not happy to continue playing in England. Both sides have able to come to an agreement as well. and official announcement is expected soon.

Ndombele made a ‘difference’ in Galatasaray

While Galatasaray passed the Ümraniye obstacle 4-1, Ndombele’s white tights. Who play in the match, became a hot topic.

Hosting Ümraniyespor at Rams Park in the 5th Round match of the Turkish Cup, Galatasaray won with a score of 4-1 and made its name in the Round of 16.
Apart from the goals scored and the remarkable victory, there was another name in the Yellow-Red team that attracted attention.
Tanguy Ndombele, who replaced Nelsson in the 63rd minute, attracted all the attention with his white tights.
The white tights that the French football player wore under his shorts were one of the most talked about topics of the night in the entire stadium.