Totti defends “Jorginho”, saying the penalty is not easy to shoot.

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Italy legend Francesco Totti has defended Jorginho, who missed three penalties in a row. Seeing that penalty shoot-outs are not an easy

task, the 29-year-old is being heavily criticized for missing three penalty shoot-outs for the Azzurri in a row, two-thirds of which were against Switzerland. land And it’s the rhythm in the game that may allow them to win both games,

making their current situation a chance to win tickets to the 2022 World Cup in the final match against northern ireland on monday night And there’s also a chance to replay the 2018 FIFA World Cup where they were eliminated from the playoffs.

However, team legend Totti himself came out to defend his juniors over the penalty shootout.

“You will feel pressured to carry that responsibility on your shoulders. especially at the last minute of the game. Taking penalties is not easy,” Totti told Sky Sport Italia.

“I was always told that most of the goals I scored came from penalties. But you have to be the one to shoot it and it’s not easy.”

“Whether you hit or miss everything is your state of mind. It is common that if you miss 3 consecutive times, it starts to have doubts in your head, even if you are a champion, “said

“Jorginho Santos Moutinho is a champion of the truth, and I have seen him play it. can create enjoyment.”