van Gaal reveals that he has prostate cancer but hides his team members

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Louis van Gaal, Netherlands national team coach Has revealed that he had to be treated for prostate cancer continuously and had to hide his team in this matter.

The 70-year-old experienced coach returned to take up a position in the army. “Orange Knights” at the end of last year before doing a great job leading the team through to the World Cup final in Qatar. as group champion

However, the latest news has come out as a shocking story that he is battling a deadly disease like prostate cancer.

“In each period I acted as the national team manager. I had to sneak out to the hospital at night without the players knowing until now. while they thought I was in good health Although not at all,” Van Gaal told ufabet

. I think we don’t tell people who work together like this because it influences their exact choices and decisions. So I think they shouldn’t know about it.”

“You don’t die from prostate cancer, at least 90% of people get it. Usually it’s another underlying disease that kills you instead.”

“But I’ve encountered a very severe form. It’s had to be done 25 times, so you have to deal with things to get on with your life.”

“I received special treatment at the hospital. I was allowed to enter through the back door. When I came as scheduled, I was immediately moved to another room.”

“I was well taken care of. Of course you will have to tell your friends and relatives about this. The truth is that there hasn’t been any mention of my surroundings. That is a matter.”