Virgil van Dijk discusses Wenger’s risk of hosting a World Cup

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Virgil van Dijk County and Liverpool defender revealed he had talks with Arsene Wenger about the risks of the World Cup every two years

current Wayne worked as Head of Football Development FIFA and leadership. Advising to change the national football team calendar from 2024 onwards,

World Cup, UEFA has objected to the proposal. While many have also come out against the idea, including van

Dijk, 30, leading the Liverpool player’s representatives to talk to Wenger about the potential risks. After the perfume, he met with Jurgen Klopp’s team to hear their thoughts.

“We shouldn’t complain. But the game has to be on the rise, “said van as a

” get down to what is best for every player. 

But the right decision has to be made and people should consider.

the health and safety of the players.”

Seniors of Liverpool and other big teams in England, commented. I think it’s time for them to start listening.”

Van Dijk has returned to the field this season. After recovering from a serious injury that occurred in the last season until having to rest for a long time

The return of the Netherlands national team centre-back makes “Reds”

“I’m very pleased to have recovered from an unusual knee injury,” he

said. It wasn’t a pain where the knee was just spontaneous with no one around. When I think like that, it makes it easy to wade full again “

” Of course, the idea to distract him some more. But it’s definitely not something that bothers me every day. I’ve never been afraid to hit the whole ball in 50-50 strokes.”00If hit by 40 leprosy, it will be banned.