Watkins’ to maintain consistent form and soon get into the national team

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Aston Villa boss Stephen Gerrard has been impressed with Ollie Watkins and has backed him to maintain consistent form for the chance of another England call

-up. Rard has been impressed, despite his recent collaboration, scoring two goals in his first three games under former Liverpool midfielder

Gerrard, considering Watkins’ performance in the clash with the Reds. Manchester City on Wednesday were his best form he has seen since coming into charge, with

Watkins missing out on England’s cap last month but Gerrard is confident Gareth is confident. South Gate will monitor the form of a closely to maintain consistency it has

“listen, I think this situation you have to let football is speaking and Ollie was doing that all along. He played the first three games for me,” Gerrard said in an interview.

“The game against Manchester City is probably his best game. I think he caused the two Manchester City defenders to stir up the whole game. He looks powerful, strong, his breaks are great. He also scored a great goal. From the middle of the stroke only.”

“It has been a pleasure working with him for three weeks and I am looking forward to the future. I’m delighted to have him in the squad.

Ollie just has to play his best at Villa and I’m sure that will be enough to get him back in the England squad. I’m sure Gareth Southgate will follow. Look closely at him.”

“But the best thing you can do for England is Is to play regularly and do your job for the club, Olly is definitely doing that.”